Zip Line Cable

Zip Line Cable

When choosing the right diameter zip line cable for your zip line project it is best to know the exact load bearing weights that that specific diameter can withstand. As a rule of thumb it is best to underestimate the load bearing weight of the cable by at least 50-75 lbs to be on the safe side. The most common zip line cable diameter is 1/8", this cable can withstand weights of up to 275 lbs. For longer zip lines over 200 feet or for a heavier weight limit some people choose to use 5/16", this cable can withstand weights of up to 350 lbs. Always make sure when you do purchase zip line cable that it is Galvanized Aircraft Cable and under no circumstances should you ever buy plastic coated cable. Cable that is coated in plastic will heat up your trolley and the zip line itself which will damage all of the important components of your zip line, it will also slow the ride and smell terrible. When buying zip line cable all you need are 3 zip line wire clips to secure each zip line anchor, and a zip line turnbuckle, just be sure the wire clips match the size of the cable that you buy.

Check out this chart for zip line weight info:

Galvanized Aircraft Cables

Diameter inInchesConstructionMinimum Break Strength/Lbs.RatedLoad/Lbs.WT. Per100 Ft./ Lbs.
1/167 x 7480100.8
3/327 x 79201801.6
1/87 x 71,7003402.8
1/87 x 192,0004002.9
5/327 x 72,6005204.3
5/327x 192,8005604.5
3/167x 73,7007406.2
7/327x 195,6001,1208.6
1/47x 197,0001,400
9/327x 198,0001,60013.9
5/167x 199,8001,96017.3
3/87x 1914,4002,88024.3


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