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What is a zip line?

What is a zip line?

A zip line is a cable of varying diameter that is strung between to anchor points and tightened using either a ratchet or a turnbuckle. It can be customized in length to be as little as 50 feet or as long as 1000 feet. In regards to backyard zip lines the general length is usually between 100 feet and 200 feet. A zip line consists of several different components:

Cable: Can vary in diameter between 3/16" and 5/16" for backyard use
Cable Clips: Used to secure the zip line cable around the tree. I recommend using at least 3 on each anchor. They must be the same size as the cable for safety reasons and are tightened with a wrench.

Trolley: The triangular steel piece that sits on the zip line cable and usually includes a handle. It almost always uses ball bearings for a smooth ride. Trolleys may have dual ball bearings or single, generally dual ball bearings increase the speed of the ride.
Braking System: Most zip line kits include their own braking system but th…

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