The Zip Line Trolley: Explained

With so many zip line trolleys out there to choose from it helps to know a little bit more about a trolley and how it operates, this will help you decide which trolley is right for you.

Some trolleys have handles while others do not, they also vary in speed and smoothness, as you could probably guess - the more expensive the trolley, the better it will operate.
Pink Zip Line Trolley
ZLP Growler Trolley

The trolley that has handles is most commonly used for kids and zip lines that run over top of lakes so that they rider can easily release themselves. The green trolley without handles is made specifically for use with attachments. There are the trolleys that you see on commercial zip lines, and as you can see it boasts the dual ball bearings that greatly increase the speed and smoothness of the ride. The only con with this particular style of trolley is that it limits the rider to what they can hold onto. As you can see below the attachments do offer rope/nylon to hold onto but it definitely makes for a more adrenaline packed ride and offers the rider way more freedom to move around.

Trolleys also come in a variety of colors and offer a bit more to the imagination as far as customization goes. Check out these trolley styles:

As you can see there are so many different styles to choose from, if you are interested in any of the trolleys that you see here check out them out here: Zip Line Trolleys


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